Birthstones ring with DNA, breastmilk, ashes or hair keepsake jewellery by Keepsakes by Georgy

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A kit will be sent to your shipping address entered, to return with your inclusions & measure your ring/bracelet size after ordering

Beautiful Personalised half band eternity ring sterling silver (available on request in solid gold 14k yellow, white or rose gold) with personalised breastmilk resin stones and birthstone of your colour choice bespoke hand made in Ireland by Keepsakes by Georgy.

This tiny ring nearly 3mm wide can be customised with your breast milk to cherish your breastfeeding/pumping/chestfeeding journey, with a strand of hair, cremation ashes or IVF embryos that we can cremate or preserve for your keepsake ring

Please note that you are responsible to bring your embryos to us and to ship your inclusions for creating your keepsake ring!

Please contact Georgy before ordering if any questions.

On this breastmilk ring you can add your loved ones or your birthstones at no extra cost.

Breastmilk ring with birthstones keepsake bespoke ring hand made by Keepsakes by Georgy Breastmilk Jewellery DNA Memorial Keepsakes Ireland.

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