Oil Painting"Kiwi Charm: The Wheel Mailbox" Brooksdale, New Zealand

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 Inspired by the vibrant sights of New Zealand, I stumbled upon a delightful and unique idea during my holiday - a wheel repurposed as a colorful postbox! 

Brooksdale, nestled in the scenic countryside of Canterbury, is where this charming find awaited me, south of the picturesque Lake Rubicon. 

 With camera in hand, I couldn't resist capturing this unusual sight, and back in my studio, I poured my creativity into transforming it into a captivating oil painting. 

 Join me in celebrating the beauty of unconventional art and the joy of discovery with "Kiwi Charm: The Wheel Mailbox" 

 Let's embrace the magic of unexpected beauty and cherish the moments that make our hearts smile! 

Approx Measurements

 18.5 x 13 inches 

47 x 33 cm