Oil painting "Seaside Splendor: The Three Sisters" in Warden Beach/ Ballymastocker Bay. Co. Donegal. Ireland

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Warden Beach or Ballymastocker Bay or Tra’ Bhaile Mhic an Stocaire. 

 Introducing: "Seaside Splendor: The Three Sisters" 

 Behold the mesmerizing beauty of Portsalon/ Ballymastocker Bay, captured in exquisite detail in this stunning oil painting. 

 Let your imagination drift along the sandy shores, where the iconic Three Sisters rise majestically from the glistening waters, revealed only when the tide graciously recedes. 

 Inspired by the breathtaking scenery of Donegal's Wild Atlantic Way, I ventured with my camera to capture this fleeting moment, then poured my heart and soul into my art studio to bring this vision to life on canvas. 

 Join me in celebrating the beauty of nature and the joy of discovery with "Seaside Splendor: The Three Sisters" - a radiant tribute to the wonders of Portsalon and its enchanting surroundings! 

 Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of Portsalon, voted the second most beautiful beach in the world, where every wave invites adventure and every sunset promises serenity. 

 Embrace the magic of the moment and let your spirit soar amidst the splendor of the Irish coast! 

Approx Measurements

25.5  x 13.5 inches

66 x 30.5 cm


Floating framed included.