Oil painting Atlantic Majesty: The Great Pollet Arch" Fanad C.o. Donegal, Ireland

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 Presenting: "Atlantic Majesty: The Great Pollet Arch" 

 Behold the stunning beauty of Ireland's largest sea arch, immortalized in vibrant oil paints in my latest masterpiece. 

Painting the Great Pollet Arch was a captivating journey, with every intricate detail of the rugged rocks and the Atlantic waters adding to its allure. 

 Join me on a voyage to the eastern side of the Fanad Peninsula, where this majestic sea arch stands as a testament to the raw power and breathtaking beauty of nature. 

 Let's celebrate the marvels of our world and the joy of artistic expression with "Atlantic Majesty: The Great Pollet Arch" - a painting that captures the essence of coastal wonder and adventure! 

Approx Measurements
 22 x 18 inches
57 x 47 cm