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Balm made with organic plant ingredients.
Organic nourishing hand balm
Soothing Skin Balm is made with 100% natural and pure ingredients to effectively soothe eczema and other skin issues. From dry skin to psoriasis, this balm helps to provide relief from symptoms of a variety of conditions. Pills and medicated creams can be ineffective and contain harmful ingredients. This cream is pure, effective, and safe for the whole family. Usage: Rub a small amount on itchy areas or eczema patches once a day as needed.
Soothing Skin Balm Eczema Relief
Aurora Charm
This is the perfect lotion for those sore muscles. The solution for either those annoying charlie horses or those sore muscles from the gym. This all-natural muscle ease lotion is made with two key ingredients combined to help soothe sore muscles fast.  Benefits:

Rich in magnesium
Reduces muscle soreness and pain
Reduces bruising and muscle aches

Usage: Rub a small amount into any sore muscle area for quick relief.  Do not use on broken skin.  
Magic Muscle Ease Balm - 2 oz. / 57 ml 100% Natural Skincare
Aurora Charm
Magnesium Infused balm especially formulated for children and teens  plus our Calm Kids inhaler duo.  
The balm.lasts approx 4 months nightly use. 
Magnesium balm enriched with essential oils of lavender, known for therapeutic benefits including Restful Sleep, Stress and Anxiety. SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES FROM 12 MONTHS
With up to 80% of the population magnesium deficient it is important to replace this vital nutrient and one of the best ways is transdermally.  
Helps aid restful sleep
Helps maintain hormonal balance
May relieve restless leg syndrome
May help with stress, anxiety & depression
May help maintain normal blood pressure
Critical for heart health
Help assimilation of Vitamin D
Help relieve muscle spasms/cramps
Important for bone health
Helps relieve fatigue
Helps maintain muscle strength
Promotes healthy skin
Using only the finest ingredients we are proud to have formulated this wonderful natural product which includes high quality essential oils renowned for their therapeutic benefits. 
How To Use:
Apply a small amount every day preferably in the evening or before bed for optimal benefits. Can be used on arms, body or legs but for best effect try on feet and lower legs prior to bedtime (if using on feet which is one of the best areas for absorption be careful not to walk for a while as may be slightly oily) May take a few weeks to get full benefits as most people are quite deficient. Use nightly to optimize your magnesium levels. Always do a patch test.
Size: 150g Lasts for 4 months + approx as only a small amount required
Calm KIDS inhaler is a blend of Lavander and chamomile to calm overwhelm and stress and is handy to keep in pocket, school bag etc to use as required or in evening before bed to help relax body and mind. 
"LULLABY" Magnesium balm & "CALM KIDS" inhaler duo pack
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
It is highly concentrated dose of a best-in-class humectant that holds moisture in. With multi-sized molecules, it optimises hydration at different levels in your skin – meaning a more effective barrier and healthy radiance.
Multi-beneficial hydrating and plumping properties combat dryness and aging skin while providing balanced moisture to rejuvenate skins youthful glow.
Hyaluronic acid serum
Luxurious dry oil formula that deeply hydrates and revitalises the skin whilst calming the senses, easing feelings of stress.
Luxurious dry body oil MINDFULNESS
A rich, luxurious, intensely moisturising serum. It is a complete all-in-one product which is suitable for all skin types and creates a wonderful velvety feel, perfect under makeup.
Luxury moisturising and conditioning serum with Vit A
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
Suitable for all skin types especially dry/irritated skin, scars and stretchmarks. Also can be used under makeup/tan. Rich in Vit C and A and Omegas 3 6 & 9 Hydrate, Moisturise, Exfoliate, Brighten, Reduce Inflammation, Help Fade Scars, Helps Reduce Appearance of Stretchmarks/Fine Lines and Acne Scars, Helps Relieve Itchy Skin and Reduces Sun Damage. Size: 150ml.
Rejuvenate & Replenish Luxury Body & Facial Oil, with Rosehip, Shea, Apricot and Vitamin E
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
Our best selling skin soothing balm. Made from 100% pure natural ingredients, this wonderful soothing balm relieves dry, itchy, irritated skin. 100% certified Natural
Top to Toe Skin Soothing balm ( dry irritated eczema prone skin ) Twin pack
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
This Clarifying Clay Cleanser with its earthy goodness has powerful absorbing capabilities which allows the clay to stick and draw out dirt and extra sebum in your pores, something which ordinary oil cleansers or foam cleansers lack. It can be used in the evening to remove dirt and grime accumulated throughout the day, and is great for removing make up too. Sea Buckthorn is a natural source of vitamins with many health benefits, it is thought to ease irritation, treat acne and heal aging-related damage. 100 ml
Pinecrest Extraordinary Clarifying Clay cleanser / mask
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
Deep conditioning moisturiser great for sensitive skin especially suited to skin prone to irritation, acne and rosacea as it contains extracts of Chamomile, Jasmine and Neroli alongside a wonderful blend of skin loving ingredients.
Pinecrest NOURISH conditioning moisturiser (chamomile, neroli & Jasmine) for irritated skin Rosecea and acne prone
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
An anti-aging skin conditioning and moisturising blend to help tone, lift and renew. “Rejuvenate” promotes youthful looking skin, perfect for mature skin.
Pinecrest Rejuvenate conditioining moisturiser
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
Our all-natural “INTENSE” DAY & NIGHT MOISTURISER which soothes and deeply nourishes skin immediately upon application.
Intense day & night moisturiser for soft, supple, luminous skin ( deeply nourishing for all skin types)
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
Magnesium body balm enriched with Essential oil of PEPPERMINT, FENNEL & EUCALYPTUS for known for therapeutic effect including improving circulation, anti spasmodic, anti inflammatory, muscle recovery and strength and joint pain.
Active Magnesium infused anti inflammatory Balm for after sports recovery and arthritis
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
Magnesium infused balm enriched with Essential oils of Vertver, Lavender, Marjoram and Cedarwood for known for therapeutic effects on sleep, restless legs, mood etc
Peaceful night Magnesium infused balm
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
Conditioning face and neck moisturiser with a blend of Calendula, Chamomile Extract with Clary Sage, Bergamot and Geranium essential oils.

All skin types especially oily and mature skin.
PInecrest HARMONY anti aging conditioning moisturiser with clarysage, bergamot and geranium
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
A rich conditioning moisturiser for face and neck.

Also suitable for the eye area.

It is ideal for even the most sensitive skin. Containing some of the most nourishing and moisturising ingredients available. It contains extracts of both Calendula and Chamomile, perfect for sensitive skin.
Pinecrest SENSITIVE conditioning moisturiser with Calendula (Sensitive skin including eye area)
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
This formula is made from natural ingredients all known for their wonderful skin soothing and relieving properties. Ideal for dry, irritated or itchy skin, scars, stretch marks, sores and improve circulation, psoriasis, eczema and acne . Soothes, calms, relieves and deeply moisturises with added Sea Buckthorn.
Pinecrest Skin Rescue (SR) balm
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
Hydrating and replenishing moisturiser for face and neck, this luxurious conditioning cream is packed full of wonderful skin refreshing ingredients with essential oils of vetivert, lavender and sweet marjoram to help prevent breakouts and restore the skin’s natural luminosity.
Pinecrest REGENERATE conditioning moisturiser (Hydrates & Replenishes)
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
100ml Ideal for Dry/Itchy or Irritated skin etc. and scars. Made from 100% pure natural ingredients, this wonderful soothing balm relieves dry, itchy, irritated skin. Soothes and calms and deeply moisturises. Contains only natural ingredients so safe and kind to skin. Suitable from ages 12 months+. Baby balm available for under 12 months Fantastic results to date from people of all ages and severity of skin issues. May not be suitable for those with nut allergies. Always do a patch test.
Top to Toe Skin Soothing Balm
Pinecrest Natural skincare & Therapies
Luxury facial soap with Rosehip oil combines natural oils and butters that are full of beauty boosting Vitamin A, E, C, beta carotene, antioxidants and essential fatty acids  
Luxury facial soap with Rosehip oil
Handcrafted ceramic soap dish with draining holes 
Handcrafted ceramic soap dish
Natural, vegan, plastic free deodorant made of skin nourishing oils and butters, combined with pure essential oils.
Cocoa butter deodorant
Nourishing and soothing multipurpose salve 50ml    
Calendula Restorative Herbal Salve