Breast cancer surgery support pillow (shades of grey and white circle outlines)

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* This is my post mastectomy/lumpectomy/upper chest surgery support pillow is ideal for use directly after surgery, or in the following weeks while healing takes place. * This support cushion is shaped to fit comfortably under the affected arm, and is filled with hollow polyester fibres to a fairly firm finish, not too hard or soft, perfect to provide adequate support and comfort. * This pillow reaches mid chest in width, so it will easily cover the surgery area, and provide support  and padding. I am a breast cancer survivor myself so I understand what is needed after having had chest surgery, and how important comfort and support are as healing occurs. I have sought advice from the Road Safety Authority in Ireland, in relation to the suitability of my pillows to be used when driving, if positioned under a seat belt. They recommend that I advise caution to customers on the use of aids that have the potential to interfere with any safety features in the car, and potentially increasing risk of injury. I want to ensure customers that I take their safety and security sincerely when ordering products from my shop. * It measures 43cm wide X 37cm long and 10 cm in depth. This shades of grey and white circle outlines fabric is soft and breathable. All cushions come with a made with love by Rodgerson Handcraft label and are reversible.