Wings of Protection – with Shungite Sterling Silver Charm Pendant Jewellery

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This unique hand finished charm, crafted in Sterling Silver is manifesting the protection in two ways. One is through the design of angel wings, as a symbol of your guardian angel – carrying for and watching over you, just like they care for and protect the black gemstone in-between them. The second one is through the actual protection features of the semi-precious stone that we incorporated into this design. For the first time in the charm’s bracelet history, we are proud to create a charm with Shungite – recognized for its healing and protective properties. It is one of the most effective protective gemstones against electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress influence, including 4 / 5G technology. Shungite is also beneficial for detoxifying the mind and body, activating and aligning all chakras, shielding from negative energies and its strong root energy comforts and grounds during times of hardship. We recommend this charm to be worn on everyone’s bracelet daily and if you could get more of them – it is perfect for a necklace as well, that would even multiply their positive effects on you and those close to you.