What To Do When Your Best Friend Gets Engaged

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Your best friend just got engaged..Now what?

Our top tips to celebrate their exciting news!

It’s such an exciting time when your bestie gets engaged. She’s been dreaming about this day for a long time, and now it’s here she can’t wait to tell everyone.

To help her celebrate we’ve put together some suggestions to make her feel really special and mark the occasion!

best friend's engagement

5 ways to celebrate your best friend’s engagement:

  1. Decorate her front door before she gets home.
    More than likely you’ll hear the news straight after the proposal, so it gives you time to scream down the phone with excitement with her, and then fly out and decorate her front door before she gets home! An engagement banner and or engagement balloon on her front door when she returns will add to the excitement of her big news.
  2. Gift her a personalised engagement gift to remember this special moment.
    Organise a really special engagement gift that she will absolutely love. A personalised engagement gift is uber thoughtful and one that will definitely be appreciated.
  3. Bring her out for afternoon tea or drinks with the girls to hear all about the proposal.
    She will be dying to see all the girls and show off that sparkler on her finger, when it’s the real deal or a promise ring. And let’s face it you’ll all be dying to hear the proposal details and see that shiny ring too!
  4. Organise a surprise engagement party / get together for the newly engaged couple.
    It’s always nice to have a reason for a party or get together. Doesn’t have to be anything major, but a get together with all the couples friends to share a celebratory toast will be a great way to get them started on their journey to their big day.
  5. Send her a card and some bridal magazines.
    She has said yes to the ring so now it’s time to get planning. Pop her an engagement card in the post (always exciting to get something other than a bill in the post!) with a special message, and maybe even send some bridal magazines to get the inspiration juices flowing.

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