There’s No Place Like Local

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Irish online shoppers

Irish people love being Irish. And why wouldn’t we?! Always up for the craic and wanting to have a laugh, we’re known for our good manners and of course our love for the black stuff…tea that is 😉

So why is it when it comes to online shopping we could be better at supporting local? Did you know that the Irish are the biggest international online shoppers in the world? According to a report in the Irish Times in 2018, 84% of Irish online shoppers purchased from overseas sellers ahead of local. That’s shocking!

However, in my opinion and from previous experience, part of this may be down to the fact that’s it’s not always easy to find what we’re looking for from Irish sellers online. When it comes to digital expertise, small Irish businesses are not the best (according to Ireland Digital Health Index), but that’s not to say that what these SMEs do and create isn’t the best! It just means we have been forced to shop overseas to find what we’re looking for in unique gifts.

Support local for unique gifts

When it comes to finding something different and unique, many of us resort to online shopping, especially when it comes to gifts. Nowadays giving personalised gifts and unique gifts for any occasion, is the norm. It’s nice to give and also to receive a gift that someone has put some thought into..something handmade and personalised, you know they have put more effort in and it means more. With plenty of choice to buy unique gifts online from overseas, we are missing the opportunity to support local makers because we can’t find them!

Over the last 6 months in particular I have been to quite a lot of local fairs and markets across the country and have come across some AMAZING talent and FABULOUS products that make a perfect gift! I honestly have wanted to buy everything! It’s such a shame I didn’t know about all of these makers and their creations before now because they really are special. This is why Market Street is here today. You NEED to see this stuff!

Without sounding cheesy, Market Street supports the dreams of these small Irish businesses and gives us the opportunity to support local and shop Irish.

My top 5 reasons why there’s no place like local when looking for the perfect gift..
  1. We are supporting someone’s dream to be able to make what they make and earn a living from it. Someday this could be you and wouldn’t you like the support from Irish shoppers?!
  2. We are supporting local jobs for these makers as well as all the suppliers and businesses they interact with to carry out their business. You may be for one of these people or work for them, and isn’t it nice to have a job!
  3. We are investing in and encouraging local entrepreneurship so we benefit from unique products made with passion and care. We all love something different!
  4. We are showcasing the local talent that lives amongst us.. Like seriously, the talent is unreal!
  5. And finally, be proud to support Irish!

Need I say more?

Just check out some of the amazing and unique gifts available on and you won’t need convincing!

Support Local.
Shop Irish.

We’re continually working to add new sellers and new products, but if there are any other types of gifts or products you would like to see available on Market Street, just leave a comment below..