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We are a small local business in the Gaeltacht area of Ballymakeera, County Cork. Our philosophy here at Ireland Beeswax Wraps is to make small changes – on a big scale. As Anne Marie Bonneau, a leader in the zero-waste movement said “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly“.  Using this statement as a guide, we can reduce our plastic use in our homes and stop it reaching our oceans and natural environments one little change at a time.

We all know plastic is not good for our health, think of BPA and petrochemicals leaching toxins into your food (yuk). And it’s certainly not good for our environment, where it takes 1000 years or more to break down. In 2019, our planet is literally choking in plastic – plastic has been found at all levels of our food chain – we need to change.

Reducing plastic use is our business. We are so passionate about it that we founded Plastic Free Macroom in 2018 – an initiative to help our local area become sustainable by reducing plastic use such as straws, bottles, takeaway food containers and printer cartridges. We have had successes and are more committed than ever to providing a solution to this major problem. See our Plastic Pollution page to learn more about this.

We know you’ll love Ireland Beeswax Wraps as much as we do!

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