Tudor Cottage Birdhouse


This traditional handmade Tudor birdhouse cottage with its striking black beams over white render will attract bird lovers from near and far. The Tudor Birdhouse is virtually maintenance free, requires no painting and is water resistant.

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The Cuckoos Garden has designed this Tudor Birdhouse with the aim to be the focal point in your garden, while offering the most prestigious and luxurious Birdhouse feeder in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

This particular Tudor Birdhouse will be aesthetically pleasing in your garden while adding character to its surroundings. It will offer protection from the elements for its guests as they feast on whatever delights are on offer.

The manufacturing process used to assemble this Tudor Birdhouse is environmentally friendly while the materials used are from a sustainable source. The Tudor Birdhouse is maintenance free, requires no painting, is water resistant and requires little more than a wash a few times a year.

This Tudor birdhouse comes pre-assembled, one simply has to do is attach the stand provided which can be done is a few short steps by following the instructions enclosed. It is important to secure the stand in firm compacted ground with ground pegs also provided.

This product carries the Guaranteed Irish logo and is hand made in Galway, Ireland.


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