Pyrite Gemstone Zodiac Bracelet


Abundance and Wealth

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This Wealth Bracelet combines two gemstones to amplify your wealth intention. Complimented with a Zodiac Sign.

Made with 8mm Pyrite and Citrine beads our Abundance and Prosperity Bracelet was designed to help you achieve the optimal emotional and mental state to bring more money and wealth your way.

Citrine is the most powerful manifestation gemstone. Citrine is one of the best gemstones to wear to manifest something in your life. It activates your imagination, bringing more creative visions to a clearer mind and a more positive outlook on life. It all starts with a thought; an idea of something you desire. Citrine is a wonderful gemstone to wear and use if you want to attract wealth and abundance into your life.

Pyrite shines with the energy of wealth and serves as a visual reminder of the wealth you want to attract. Attract an abundance of good luck and positivity in love, business, or your personal life by connecting pyrite stone properties. Let the energy of pyrite carry away self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts so you can focus on your aspirations and make things happen for yourself. This stone is like a financial advisor and life coach that guides you toward success.

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