Prosperity and Stability Power Bracelet

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Success – Stability

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To live an abundant life, you must be grounded and connected to the Earth. This Bracelet was designed to help you reconnect with the vibrations of the Earth.

Made with 8 mm Hematite, Citrine, and Peridot beads our Abundance Focus and Balance bracelet was designed to help you connect with the energy of the Earth. This bracelet is made with powerful grounding stones to help you live in a grounded state of stability. Hematite absorbs all the negative energy from your body to eliminate stress, anxiety and worry.

Citrine holds the energy of the sun, bringing light and positivity into your life. It also sheds light on the destructive tendencies, habits, or thoughts that are holding you from fulfilling your life’s calling. In order to create everything you desire, you have to be in alignment with your highest self, pursuing your soul’s mission. Doing so will allow you to reach your highest potential, where you are able to create everything you imagine with the help of the universe.

Peridot is also a gemstone of both financial and spiritual abundance, bringing wealth, prosperity, opportunity and insight. Wearing a peridot bracelet or any kind of peridot jewelry is especially beneficial when embarking on important career endeavors, as it helps to bring success and abundance in that field. Peridot is also very powerful in dissolving energy blockages that may reside in your chakras and overall body.

Affirmation: I imagine my limitless potential and create the desires of my highest self.

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