Product Photography Workshop – Growth Plan


Date: Monday 17th April – put it in your diary!

Time: 11am for 1 hour

Where: Zoom

Cost: FREE for Growth Plan members

Workshop overview:

This workshop will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of product photography for the purpose of e-commerce.

  • We will discuss the importance of high-quality product photography in driving online sales, and the significance of lighting, background, angles, and styling in creating visually appealing product photos. The potential negative impact of low-quality product photos on customer perception and sales will also be covered.
  • We will explore topics like golden rules, inspiration, dos and don’ts and practical tips for achieving high-quality product photography on a budget. The role of post-processing and editing in enhancing the quality of product photos, while avoiding misleading representations of the product, will also be discussed.
  • Finally, the workshop will emphasise the significance of paying attention to product details, experimenting with different techniques, and considering outsourcing to a professional product photographer, if/when needed.

To supplement the workshop, additional resources will be provided for attendees to learn more about product photography.

By the end of this workshop, participants will have better tools and knowledge to create high-quality product photos that enhance their brand identity and drive online sales.

Scroll down to read more about the Presenter, Ana Dorado and click here to see some of Ana’s work.

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About the Presenter:

Born in Spain and calling Ireland her home for over 20 years, Ana Dorado is a passionate and skilled photographer with more than a decade of experience capturing the essence of people, their crafts, and their businesses. With a keen eye for detail and a love for artistry, Ana has established herself as one of the most versatile photographers in the creative sector.

A self-confessed admirer of artists’ studios and hand-crafted products, Ana’s enthusiasm for craftsmanship shines through her photography. Her unique approach to working with clients begins with encouraging them to reflect on their passion for their craft. By merging their self-reflection with her own curiosity, Ana documents their work in an authentic, engaging, and relaxed manner.

Ana’s images breathe new life into her clients’ work, instilling confidence in their products and themselves. By showcasing their creations with pride, her clients can promote their work effectively, achieve better results, and ultimately grow their businesses.

In addition to capturing the essence of the people behind the brands and their products, Ana conducts workshops that teach her clients how to take stunning photos of their own products, with a focus on social media. Empowered and inspired, her students leave with fresh ideas and a newfound eagerness to showcase their work in innovative ways.

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