One Lively Little Tomten, Swedish Gnome or House Elf

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This is Emil, meaning “lively” in Swedish!

I was first introduced to these charming little gnomes in a delightful children’s picture book. The tomten (plural, tomte) is said to be dedicated to one home or farm, tiptoeing about at night to check on the welfare of all the inhabitants, human and animal.

These little needlefelted tomten would be happy to look after your home too.

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Emil is  approx 25+ cm (10+”) tall.

Please also see my listing for a Festive Trio of Tomte (last picture).

What is needlefelting?

For the unfamiliar, needlefelting is the process of repeatedly stabbing extra-sharp barbed needles into unspun fibres (like wool fleece or roving wool) to create solid pieces.

All my needlefelted art, both 2D and 3D is original and one-of-a-kind. I do not use a “pattern” but create my own designs and images from my imagination, inspired by the world around me.

Each piece takes a long time to make. While time-consuming, I am very proud of the finished art pieces.

When purchasing any of my needlefelted artwork you can be sure you will have a “one off”. No-one else will have the same creation – ever!


ROI/NI: €5 flat rate

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Lang (biggest), Isak (middle), Pol (smallest), Set of 3

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