Man & His Best Friend


Kraft gift box containing 2 bars of handmade natural soap. One for the pooch and one for the owner!

1 x natural handmade Eco Mutt Aromatherapy Dog Shampoo Bar
1 x natural Cloud9 Aromatherapy Handmade Man soap

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Product Details

This is a boxed gift containing two bars of aromatherapy soap. One for the human and one for the dog!

Dog Shampoo Bars

Eco Mutt’s luxurious hand-crafted shampoo bars are made especially for dogs.

Pure natural ingredients, including olive & coconut oils naturally hydrate and moisturise dry skin. Natural antifungal & antibacterial properties are considered to aid healing and promote a shiny, healthy coat. 

Eco Mutt products are Cruelty Free, Vegan and are free from harsh chemicals & toxins.  Our products are ideal for sensitive dogs.

Cloud9 Soap for Humans

Made using plant based oils, natural clays and scented with pure essential oils, our soaps are kind to your skin, hydrating and moisturising. 

Natural clay is widely used to absorb toxins & impurities from the body and gives a natural colour to soap. Clay also gives ‘slip’ to soap, meaning it creates a natural creamy lather which is a great for shaving

Scented with pure essential oils; Cruelty Free & VeganEco Mutt luxurious hand crafted shampoo bar made especially for dogs.

Avg  weight 200g
Cruelty Free
Vegan Friendly
Toxin & Chemical Free

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