Love and Relationship Bracelet


Happiness  –  Heart Chakra

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Whatever the big L word means to you – when it’s time to soak yourself in the light of a healthy relationship these heart-felt healing crystals are here to help.

This Love and Happiness Bracelet helps bring whatever type of love you need into your life. Made with a combination of 8mm heart chakra stones like Rose Quartz and Citrine, this Love and Happiness bracelet helps you open your heart to love in all areas of life, such as relationships, new partnerships, and self-love.

The most well-known Rose Quartz stone meaning is to attract love. It is a gemstone of unconditional love and beauty that helps to heal the energy of the heart. It opens your heart chakra so that more love can come into your life, attracting a harmonious, long-term relationship. It helps to bring two people together, especially when combined with the power of your intention.

The golden rays and joyous energy that seems to follow Citrine wherever it goes is a bright reminder that love can be a gloriously happy place. For those who sometimes feel the sharper edges of relationships and who feel that they have lost all sense of spark and joy when dealing in the world of love, this radiant stone is here to let you bask in warmth once more. All those who wear Citrine cannot help but feel a lightness of soul and a sparkle of joy.

Affirmation: My heart is open, I’m love.

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