It’s a Dub Thing Tea Towel


Smile while you’re doing the dishes and get to grips with some of our hometown phrases Irish Made Tea Towel, packaged with A4 print ready to pop in a frame and enjoy.

Beautiful original illustration, printed in Ireland onto a cotton tea towel, with an A4 print ready to pop in a frame and enjoy.

And remember no matter how many items you grab from our selection, the shippings always only €1.50

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Product Details

What are we talking about

Knackered:Tired | Fine thing:Good looking | Deadly:Great | Scarlet for you:Embarrassed | Gawk:Look | Floozy:Lady of questionable repute! | Gas:Fun | Kip:Sleep | Jacks:Toilet | On your tobler:On your own | Fluthered:Drunk | Story?:What’s happening | Bang:Smell | JoMaxi:Taxi | Gaff:House | Leg It:Run | Morto:Embarrassed | Craic:Fun | Spanner:Fool | Goo:Hankering | Eejit:Idiot | Grand:Fine | Dosser:Lazy person | Joe Maxi:Taxi | Oul Fella:Old man | Mot:Girlfriend | Manky:Dirty | Maggot:Fool | Brutal:Rubbish |Gammy:Bad | Banjaxed/Banjoed:Broken | Savage:Amazing | Rapid:Brilliant | Fierce:Amazing | Shaper:Struts around | Dirt Bird:Person of low morals

Made in Ireland and supplied in recyclable packaging.


ROI: €1.50 flat rate for She Designs He Prints cards.

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