Hanna’s X Large Bread Wrap 35 x 55cm Leaf Print


Hanna’s Bee Wraps are reusable food wraps are made using 100% Cotton, the finest Cork Beeswax, Organic Jojoba oil and Pine resin.


  • 1 Large Bread Wrap 35cm x 55cm

Large enough to cover even the largest bread cobs!

Use your Bee-wrap instead of single use plastic to keep your food fresh.

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Product Details

Instructions for use and care are printed at the back of the label and have the following information:

Fold the Bee-wrap around a fruit, vegetables, cheese, sandwiches, bowl or other food and gently heat with your hands to seal. Using your imagination (or internet tutorials) you can also fold your Bee-wrap into pouches, cones and boxes to store various foods.

Clean with lukewarm water and soap and hang to dry. Reuse.

Refresh and pasteurise your Bee-wrap every few months by placing on a baking paper in the oven for a few minutes at 70-100 degrees.

The beeswax coating on the Bee-wrap will decrease with use. If you would like to restore it and increase the stickiness you can re-wax your Bee-wrap. Revive wax kits are available in our shop for this.

Do not use with hot food, raw meat or in the microwave. Hanna’s wraps are made in Cork.


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Rest of World: €6.95 flat rate for Irish Beeswax Wraps products.

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