Green Lava Tassel Earrings

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A New Summer Collection of Earrings ‘ Return to Nature … ‘

This collection is a proposal of very lightweight earrings dominated by linen and natural stones. Such as Baltic Amber, Coral, Lava, Water Pearls, Howlite, Jasper, and many others and linen and jute string in many colours.

The earrings look beautiful to many stylisations from airy light dresses to both jeans and shirts. They will be a great complement to many styles.


These Earrings are made of Green Lava, Linen, Copper Silver plated element and Silver Ear Wires finished with a silicone rubber band. Boho hippie and ethnic style.

Sterling Silver Hooks
Natural Linen Cord
Metal Copper
Weight: 4 g
Length: 8,5 cm


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