Green Land Necklace

Green Land Necklace ertisun necklace
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The Green Land Necklace, will surprise you with its simplicity, and at the same time will attract the gaze of many people.

A green glass coral wrapped in flax creates a unique pendant, which was formed from scratch with fingers using a linen string and jewellery glue. Created to enjoy and surprise.

Can be worn facing both ways.


I hung the whole on linen cords, which accentuate glass beads. Natural volcanic lava, like bunches of grapes, complement this unique necklace. The necklace is finished with a clasp made of copper, silver-plated wire. The original project, the only copy. Green Land Necklace has been secured with jewellery glue so that it will not deform.

Please Note: I used linen yarn here. In order for the pendant to serve its new owner for a long time, I do not recommend soaking or washing this necklace in water to avoid damage or deformation.



Uniqueness of Jewellery

I put a piece of myself into each design. My passion flows from my heart and willingness to give others the Ertisun jewellery which I have made. Gemstones are natural and have their own individual characters. Shape and colour, add uniqueness to them.

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  • €14 to UK and worldwide
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