Eco Mutt Grooming Basics Gift Box – Citronella, Lavender & Tea Tree


Citronella, Lavender and Tea Tree.

Perfect gift for the pooch in your life!

Contains a shaker of Eco Mutt Dry powder shampoo, a handcrafted Dog Shampoo Bar, and a Soap Tin.

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Product Details

Luxurious hand crafted shampoo bar made especially for Dogs, Soap, Soap Tin & Dry Shampoo presented in a Kraft Gift Box.

100% natural plant based ingredients, perfect for sensitive dogs and fantastic for a moisturised shiny coat.

Citronella, Lavender & Tea Tree essential oils to calm & refresh your pooch!

Directions for use: Thoroughly wet your dog with warm water. Rub the Eco Mutt Shampoo Bar on your dog to create a lovely creamy lather. Always avoid the eye area and rinse thoroughly. Dry with a fresh Eco Mutt Pet Towel and follow with lots of cuddles!

Dry Shampoo: just sprinkle on your dog when dry for a quick refresh in between washes.  Massage in to the skin. Avoid the eye area.

Store your Eco Mutt Shampoo Bar in Soap Tin.

Avg Bar Weight 100g

Soap Tin Size 96 x 70 x 28 mm

Cruelty Free
Vegan Friendly
Toxin & Chemical Free

*photo may vary

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