Copper Treasure Necklace

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Rose flowers and a piece of Baltic amber are composed to complement each other.


Copper, oh, this copper. How worthy is this metal to create small and big treasures?
This time I present to you one of the original projects, which as soon as it appeared in my head, so quickly had to be implemented – it couldn’t wait.
Copper treasure is a simple necklace with a pendant, which at the same time hides many different textures. Rose flowers and a piece of Baltic amber are perfectly composed against small twigs. I made twigs of copper and lead-free tin. I hung the Copper Treasure on a silver jewellery cord finished with a silver clasp.


Uniqueness of Jewellery

I put a piece of myself into each design. My passion flows from my heart and willingness to give others the Ertisun jewellery which I have made. Gemstones are natural and have their own individual characters. Shape and colour, add uniqueness to them.


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