Calm Zen Pillow Mist


Calm’s aroma: Floral, Soft, Warm

Blue Agate Crystal infused for amplified stress relief

Use this mist as part of your night time unwind ritual.

Spray on bed covers, pillows, PJ’s and around yourself to instantly change the energy in your living space into that of tranquillity and peace. 

Topical use only

100ml E 2 fl.oz

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Calm’s aroma: Floral, Soft, Warm

This blend was created to soothe the soul, it will take you gently into a place of peace and relaxation where you can escape from the busy world around you. This gentle blend is infused with Lavender to nurture and care, Bergamot to ease any tense emotions and Copaiba to calm and support the nervous system. Use Calm’s floral, aromatic aroma to reduce feelings of tension during the day, or as part of your unwind ritual in the evening time.


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