Louise from Culu Design

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Meet the MarketStreet.ie Maker

Louise, Culu Design, Co. Wicklow

Introducing Louise O’Hara of Culu Design, an Irish design studio that creates modern, colourful and eclectic handmade jewellery.

Inspired by her love of colour, an out of control earring obsession and a desperate need to create!

How did you start out making your product?

I started out with polymer clay about 25 years ago as a teenager, looking for a creative outlet. I started making beads originally. This led to me doing a jewellery making course about 20 years ago which sparked the idea of setting up my own business. As is often the story, life then took over and I fell into a corporate job and set my dreams aside for another day, but I always made earrings for myself and as gifts over the years.

How long have you been making your product for?

I’ve been making earrings all my adult life, so for about 25 years on and off. I’ve always been obsessed with earrings and being a creative person generally it just made sense to me to make my own.

What did you do before making your product?

I’ve worked in an office full time since finishing my education. The dream of a creative career was always just that, a dream, I let fear hold me back from making the jump for too long. It’s not easy when you have bills and responsibilities! I was made redundant due to the pandemic and with that came an opportunity for a pivot, and here we are!

Louise O Hara Culu Designs
What helps you work better?

Oh there are many things. 

I think being organised (annoyingly so at times!) has stood to me. My studio is teeny tiny, so I keep it in good order. I love spreadsheets, scrum boards and post it notes! 

When I started my business everything was chaos, I think it needs to be like that at the beginning when you’re figuring everything out, but I am currently implementing processes to keep things flowing better, as I get busier and busier! 

What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekends?

My very favourite thing to do at the weekend is eat with family and friends!

There’s nothing better than a nice restaurant with my two favourite humans, my partner and my little apprentice, our five year old daughter.

Also rambling about in nature, a walk in the woods with those two, and if we can involve a picnic too I’m in heaven!

What’s your favourite holiday to celebrate?

Christmas definitely! I’m not too concerned with Christmas itself exactly, but it’s the one time of year that all of my family get together and there’s lots of yummy food. What more can you ask for! 

What is the most interesting fact about you that many people don’t know?

Oh wow, I’m not that interesting at all! I think the most interesting things about me are my creations, and they’re free for the world to see.

Culu Design meet the maker
What is the weirdest fact you know?

You can’t lick your elbow. Did you just try?!

What is the weirdest skill you have learnt?

I’m a boring old fart, I don’t have any weird skills. Unless you’d describe being able to fall asleep ANYWHERE a skill, my other half would! I’m always go go go, so if I sit (or stand) still for too long, there’s always a risk I might soon be snoring!