Do I need to have an online presence already?

No you do not need to have an existing online presence, that’s why we are here – to bring you in front of the online world! We will act as your online store.

Can I still join if I already sell with other marketplace sites or have my own online store?

Yes of course. At Market Street we aim to generate more exposure and more sales for your business. So no matter what online presence you already have, you will still benefit from having more exposure and who would say no to more sales!

Do I have to be Irish to become a seller with Market Street?

No you do not have to be Irish, but your products need to be created here in Ireland (Republic and Northern Ireland). This is the point of this marketplace – to bring the amazing creations of makers in Ireland, in front of online shoppers looking for the perfect gift!

What do I need to do become a seller on Market Street?

To become a seller and open your business up to a wider audience, you must fill out the online application form. You must ensure that you have sent a link to your product images or email them as attachments to sell@marketstreet.ie so we can see exactly what you are selling. Without seeing images of your products we cannot approve your application.

Do my product images need to be taken professionally?

No at at all, they just need to look really well, well enough to sell the product!

What are the fees incurred to sell with Market Street?

To sell with Market Street we charge a commission per sale. This is an attractive rate, making it worthwhile to sell with us. Get in touch for more details sell@marketstreet.ie

If I get approved as a seller, when I do need to set up my store with Market Street?

Once you are approved as a seller with Market Street, you have 3 weeks to get your store set up and products available for sale. If this time lapses and you have not set up, you will need to apply again. We are happy to help you get up and running!

I am not very good with digital or don't have time to upload my products, is there someone that can help?

Yes of course, we are here to help and will gladly get your products uploaded for you, ready for the world to see!

Is there a limit to the number of products I can upload?

No there is no limit to the amount of products you can list on Market Street, so let’s show everyone all your fabulous creations!

If you would like to find out more about selling with Market Street, please email sell@marketstreet.ie

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