Dublin Pride 2023

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Dublin will be celebrating their 40th Pride this year on the 24th June celebrating everything LGBTQ+. If one day isn’t enough for you then no worries, as June is Pride month. That’s right a whole month to celebrate Love and identity in every form it comes.

So What is LGBTQ+?

I know, it’s confusing. It keeps changing every time you look but that’s because the community is growing and identifying more groups to love and involve. So here is a quick definition for you so you can fully support the community confidently!

L – Lesbian (Females who are sexually and/or romantically attracted to females)

G – Gay (Males who are sexually and/or romantically attracted to males)

B – Bisexual (A male or female who are sexually and/or romantically attracted to both males and females)

T – Trans (A blanket term for those whose birthed gender, aka male or female, does not match how they identify. For example a male at birth who identifies as female would identify themselves within the Trans community. They can identify as male, female, both, or neither otherwise known as non-binary)

Q – Queer or Questioning (Queer is a blanket term for not being straight or being trans. Questioning is those who are not sure about their sexuality or gender and are exploring) 

+ – Everything else that is not covered above (Some of those are Intersex, non-Binary and Asexual) 


Quick Tip: If you are not sure of someone’s pronouns, most people are willing to tell you how they prefer to be addressed if you ask nicely. 

The Day It Self

Wondering what is happening? Well they have plenty to do to keep you entertained and to suit your tastes and needs. 

There will be a parade walking from O’Connell Street to Merrion Square with a variety of walkers from individuals to corporations and community groups all showing their support.

Their festival will also have plenty to do with live music, food, and other vender and entertainment there will be something for everyone. 


And don’t worry if you have extra needs as the festival caters for everyone. They have an accessible viewing area for the parade, ISL interpreters, run key events in accessible venues and more. All you need to do is fill out an accessibility form on their website. 


Pride Up Your Life!

Make your life a bit more colourful with some of the amazing options we have in our Pride section of MarketStreet.ie with options for you and your favourite 4 legged friend.

Fused-Glass Rainbow / Chakra Heart Suncatcher
Fused-Glass Rainbow / Chakra Heart Suncatcher
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