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12 Fun Halloween Party Games For Kids

12 Fun Halloween Party Games For Kids

Spooky season fun for all the family!

Halloween is all about celebrating the spooky season and having fun with friends and family. Apart from all the usual Halloween festivities of dressing up, watching scary movies and pumpkin carving, you may want to host a little Halloween get together for the kids (or the adults!) this year.

No party is complete without some party games, so we’ve put together a list of 12 Halloween party games that the kids will enjoy. You may not want to play all of them so pick and choose depending on what age the kids are or what DIY materials you have.

Before everyone comes over make sure your house is in Halloween mode too with some unique Halloween decor and accessories to make the place feel even more spooktastic!

To end the night after all your fun and games, you can give out some sparklers and check out any fireworks going off in the area, from your back garden or windows!

Pumpkin Drop Race

This is a version of the well known egg and spoon race.

Replace the spoon with empty toilet rolls, and the egg with a small orange balloon. Let the competitors draw their pumpkin faces on their balloon to get their competitor face on. Let the race commence. Don’t forget if they drop their pumpkin they go back to the start, and no using hands or body parts to help hold it in place while racing!

Witch Hat Ring Toss

Easy to set-up ring toss game. Have a witch hats for cones. You can make these yourself using empty cereal boxes and decorating, or pick up a few cheap hats in the shop. Make your own rings using paper plates – cute the centre out and then let the kids decorate them.

So really this doubles up as some crafty colouring fun and then a game at the end of it!

Halloween games - witch hat ring toss
Halloween games - witch hat ring toss

Mummy Sack Race

Spook up the traditional sports day sack race for this game!  All you need is some white crepe paper and you are set. Wrap up everyone’s legs with white crepe paper and the one to the finish line with no rips in the paper wins.

Spider Races

The little ones will love this nice and easy, creepy-crawly game. All you need is a few small plastic spiders and some straws. Set up a a little track for the spiders to race and let the race begin.

If you have a tray this is handy to keep the spiders contained to the race track!

Halloween Games - Spider Races
Halloween Games - Spider Races

Pin the Spider on the Web

So many variations of this game, but a nice easy and fun game to keep them entertained for few minutes. Make it yourself or pick one up in the shop, it’s easy to set up and one that won’t need explaining.

Pumpkin Patch Stomp

Stock up on some orange balloons and small sweets and treats. Before blowing up the balloons put some of the treats into each balloon. Once all blown up let the kids go wile stomping around the ‘pumpkin patch’ to burst the balloons and get their treats!

Donuts on a string

All you need is sting and some yummy Halloween themed donuts! Kids can’t use their hands and must try to take bites of their donut using only their mouth. Tie the donuts down low to make it more challenging and funny for them to reach!

Halloween Games - Donuts
Halloween Games - Donuts

Worm Dig

This is a fun one! Prepare a big bowl of cooked spaghetti, blindfold the kids and tell them they have to put their hands into the bowl of slimy worms and dig down to find the treats hidden amongst the ‘worms’.

It’s funny to see their reactions and how terrified some of them are at the thoughts of touching the ‘worms’!

Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling

A few ways to play this so choose whatever is easier for you.

Sacrifice a few toilet paper rolls to draw ghost faces on and use as your bowling pins. Get an orange as a substitute pumpkin and you have yourself a perfect game of spooky bowling.

Another way to play is use white paper cups, stack them all up in a pyramid shape and use a small mandarin as your ball. See how many you can knock down in one throw!

Halloween Games - Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling
Halloween Games - Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling

Eyeball Hunt

A bit of outdoor fun if the weather permits! Stock up on eyeball sweets or fake eyeballs and hide them all around the garden. Unleash the kids to let them find as many eyeballs as they can!

Pumpkin Carving / Decorating

We’ve got to include this as it wouldn’t be Halloween without some pumpkin carving!

Understandably this might not be easy to do with a load of littles ones asking you to do all the carving, so a nice little easy alternative is to give them all a mandarin (or two!) and some markers, and let them design their own mini pumpkin that they can take home with them.

Halloween Games - Pumpkin Carving
Halloween Games - Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Pinata

Always a crowd pleaser. If you can pick up a Halloween pinata to fill full of treats then you have the perfect game to finish off your party. Let them race for the sweets once it bursts and send them home with a bag full of sugar – their parents will be delighted!!

Happy Halloween, have a fab-BOO-lous party!
engagement gifts and celebration ideas

What To Do When Your Best Friend Gets Engaged

Your best friend just got engaged..Now what?

Our top tips to celebrate their exciting news!

It’s such an exciting time when your bestie gets engaged. She’s been dreaming about this day for a long time, and now it’s here she can’t wait to tell everyone.

To help her celebrate we’ve put together some suggestions to make her feel really special and mark the occasion!

best friend's engagement

5 ways to celebrate your best friend’s engagement:

  1. Decorate her front door before she gets home.
    More than likely you’ll hear the news straight after the proposal, so it gives you time to scream down the phone with excitement with her, and then fly out and decorate her front door before she gets home! An engagement banner and or engagement balloon on her front door when she returns will add to the excitement of her big news.
  2. Gift her a personalised engagement gift to remember this special moment.
    Organise a really special engagement gift that she will absolutely love. A personalised engagement gift is uber thoughtful and one that will definitely be appreciated.
  3. Bring her out for afternoon tea or drinks with the girls to hear all about the proposal.
    She will be dying to see all the girls and show off that sparkler on her finger, when it’s the real deal or a promise ring. And let’s face it you’ll all be dying to hear the proposal details and see that shiny ring too!
  4. Organise a surprise engagement party / get together for the newly engaged couple.
    It’s always nice to have a reason for a party or get together. Doesn’t have to be anything major, but a get together with all the couples friends to share a celebratory toast will be a great way to get them started on their journey to their big day.
  5. Send her a card and some bridal magazines.
    She has said yes to the ring so now it’s time to get planning. Pop her an engagement card in the post (always exciting to get something other than a bill in the post!) with a special message, and maybe even send some bridal magazines to get the inspiration juices flowing.

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summer bbq

4 Ways To Get Summer Ready

Let’s get Summer ready!

Top tips to make the most of Summer days to come

As the evenings stay brighter for longer, we want to help you make the most of the summer days and nights to come! After all, this year will be the first Summer in 3 years with no covid restrictions, so let’s make it a great one.

Whether the weather is good or not, let’s get prepping for a Summer of fun with friends, family, little ones and yourself.

I’m getting excited just thinking about it, and writing this has got me planning and organising my calendar for the weekends to come!

Summer At Home

First things first, let’s get the garden summer ready!

Most of us spent time and money on our gardens and outdoor space during covid. Having your outdoor space prepared for nice days is essential. Have you stocked up on some garden bunting to add some colour and fun to the space, some nice fairy lights or other lights fore a magical vibe, and of course something comfy to sit on and enjoy the summer evenings?! These for me are top of the list for the summer garden essentials and will definitely create that Summer vibe at home to share with family and friends.

Stock up on summer essentials

Have the suncream at the ready – and the after sun! Especially here in Ireland, let’s be honest, we do get excited when we see blue skies and the sun, but like your mammy always says, get your factor 50 on! We totally underestimate how strong the sun can be in Ireland!

Fill the house with some Summery scented candles to bring that Summer freshness indoors!

Hopefully you’ll be having some get togethers at home, so having some food covers is ideal for keeping food fresh!

Summer Days Out

summer days out
summer days out

This is what Summer is all about!

Getting out as much as you can, catching up with friends and family and soaking in that Summer feeling.

Picnics and markets in the park

Find time to just chill and have a picnic in the park. Pack your picnic goodies or pick up some yummy treats in a food market. Markets are back across the country so you’ll definitely find one somewhere near you to have a wander and enjoy some yummy artisan food! Fill your tote bag with all your daily essentials as well as adding to your Summer look.

Get BBQ ready

Almost time for the expected race to get burger buns for your BBQ! Get some garden BBQs booked in with the family and friends. These always end up being the best get togethers. I don’t know about you, but in our house we have BBQ for dinner every day the sun is out! There’s just something about eating in the garden that just feels more relaxing and like you’re on holidays. If you’re BBQing often might be worth picking up a BBQ apron to keep your clothes clean!

Go somewhere new for a day trip

Add a bit of fun and adventure to your Summer by heading somewhere you’ve never been before, for the day. Maybe there’s a nice beach not too far away that would be good fun with the kids, a hike you’ve wanted to do for a while now, or you’ve been recommended something new to do in Ireland. Don’t put it on the long finger – as Nike say, just do it!

Beach days

OK so I know this is Ireland, but when we get a good sunny day, the beach is the place to be! There are so many fabulous beaches on this little island that make you feel like you could be in the Caribbean! Have your beach set up ready to go (in a cool beach bag!) and hit the road early for a full day of beach fun. The kids will definitely remember their beach days when the Summer is over!

Summer festivals

Nothing quite like a sunny day at a festival. Soaking in the atmosphere and just feeling so happy and summery, if you can get a festival of some kind booked in,  then do!

Garden party

Much like a BBQ but without the cooking, a cocktail party in the garden for friends is another nice idea for a get together and will bring some Summer laughs to your calendar! –

Summer Breaks

Summer breaks
Summer breaks

Make sure to organise a trip away, after all this is what most of us think of when we think of Summer.

Whether it’s a staycation or a trip abroad, it’s nice to break up the Summer as well as enjoy a break away from the everyday routine at home.

Visit some friends or family, book a weekend break, or jet off to the sun for a week. You deserve it!

Or maybe you’d like to surprise someone with a surprise break away because you want to or maybe they just really need it! Present them with a personalised holiday scratch card to reveal the surprise trip!

So get in the car, hop the train, book a flight or a ferry and head off for some time to rest the mind and come back feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of the Summer.

Summer Fashion Accessories

Summer fashion accessories
Summer fashion accessories

As mentioned already, this is our first Summer with no covid restrictions so we have lots of missed time and occasions to catch up on. Get your wardrobe Summer ready, and make sure you’ve got some fun and colourful Summer accessories to style up your outfits for every occasion.

Have you got your statement earrings, your sandals, and your sunglasses at ready? You want to look as great as you feel this Summer.

What about the perfect bag for summer nights out? Or for Summer days out even?

If you’re like me and kind of clueless when it comes to makeup, you may even find a one to one makeup lesson useful to help you find the perfect look for all these social get togethers you have in the diary!

So get your wardrobe and Summer accessories sorted – it’s going to be a great Summer!

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5 Low-Maintenance House Plants for Beginners

These hardy plants will add an extra flair to your space even if you don’t have a green thumb.

Here are 5 useful and easily maintained house plants that will improve your home in so many ways

Have you tried house plants in the past and found it impossible to keep them alive or just never knew where to start? We’ve all been there and in this list, you are sure to find the plant for you!

These plants are not only pretty, but they also improve the air quality and some even provide topical or herbal benefits!

5 low maintenance house plants:

1. Snake Plant

This plant is nearly impossible to kill, trust me I’ve tried! The snake plant is incredibly low maintenance, they can thrive with low light and light water. Not only can they survive anything, but they are also one of the best house plants to take pollutants out of the air in your home, improving your brain function!

2. Aloe Vera

With some water when the soil is dry and direct sunlight, you can sustain an aloe vera plant of your own! Having one of these plants in your home will come in handy in so many ways. Stayed out in the sun too long? Cut off a leaf from one of these plants and use the gel inside to soothe the burn! Is your skin feeling dry and flaky? Aloe vera can help with that too! This plant is essential in anybody’s home.

3. Peace Lily

Are you more of a fan of floral decor? The Peace Lily can fit that need while being very simple to care for. Indirect sunlight and damp soil are enough to help this plant thrive and add an air of elegance to your space. This plant is an excellent air cleanser and is said to bring peace and prosperity into your home!

4. Succulents

These plants come in a variety of shapes and colours, all easy to keep alive! A succulent terrarium can be a gorgeous, modern addition to your space and will definitely be a conversation starter. Care of these terrariums is easy, mist when dry and keep in indirect sunlight!

5. ZZ Plant

Another amazing air purifier, this plant strips toxins and pollutants out of the air and produces clean air for your home! ZZ plants should only be watered every 2-3 weeks and love medium to bright indirect sunlight.

Who said keeping plants alive has to be hard? Any of these plants can be easily found at your local garden store and the benefits they bring make them worth it!

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Kids Easter arts and crafts ideas

Five Kids Crafts To Do For The Easter Holidays

Easter arts and crafts for kids

Have a little fun with some Easter themed activities while they’re off school!

As we approach Easter we’d like to share some family fun Easter arts and crafts ideas that will keep the whole family entertained. Crafts are a great way to spice up your Easter traditions, and more importantly it keeps the kids quiet for a little while!

No need to break the bank on craft supplies – if you have some of these and you’ll be able to create something colourful and fun for the occasion..

  • Colours (crayons/paints/markers)
  • Paper (white or coloured)
  • Pritt stick
  • Scissors
  • Toilet rolls
  • Pom poms
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Plain white paper plates
  • Plain paper cups
  • Cotton wool
  • String/twine
  • Lollipop sticks
Note: You don’t need all of these, they are suggested supplies and it will depend on what you want to make!

5 Easter arts and crafts ideas:

1. Make your own Easter garland.

Garlands are such a staple to any house decoration. Making them yourself just seems all the more fun, especially when it’s a joint family effort. Everyone can design and decorate their own piece of the garland. Whether it’s eggs, chicks or bunny rabbits we’re sure this garland will look perfect for your Easter celebrations.

easter garland arts and crafts
easter garland arts and crafts
2. Get creative for your Easter baskets.

We all know that kids get so excited to see the Easter Bunny. Making these little baskets don’t even require much. These can be great gifts and also good decorations for the house!

These bunny treat baskets can be made in two ways.  The first is by using up the used toilet rolls! Decorate and colour them to your own liking and with a bit of glue and paper, you can glue a bottom to this to make it the perfect basket for their special Easter goodies!

An alternative is to use plain paper cups and decorate these as they already have a bottom on them perfect for holding plenty of sweet treats! If you can’t find plain ones, then glue bits of paper or cotton wool etc on it to make it as you like!

If you have pipe cleaners you can make a little hole on each side and feed each end through the holes making a handle for the kiddies to carry them around for their Easter egg hunt!

easter arts and crafts toilet rolls
Easter arts and crafts toilet rolls / paper cups
3. Paper plate Easter chicks.

Paper plates are a great supply to have for kiddies arts and crafts. They can be used to make something perfect for every occasion. For Easter they will have fun making cute Easter chicks to hang on the wall or gift to granny and grandad!

For the chick wings another fun idea is for the kids to trace out the outline of their hands, cut them out, colour/paint them, and then stick them on as the chick’s wings.

easter arts and crafts paper plates
Easter arts and crafts paper plates
4. Decorate eggs.

A tradition I remember doing when I was a kid, just plain and simple decorating real eggs!. Make sure to hard boil them first or it could be a mess to clean up!

Decorate with lovely Easter colours and patterns to display around the house, or make it a little more fun and decorate them with funny faces which I’m sure the kids will have great fu doing!

easter arts and crafts paint your own egg
easter arts and crafts paint your own egg
5. Make Easter masks.

Bring the Easter theme to Sunday dinner with some home made masks for all the family. Create your own using whatever arts and crafts supplies you have, making one for everyone at the dinner table. The kids will be delighted. You will need elastic for these to stay on heads!

easter arts and crafts
Easter masks arts and crafts

We hope this gives you some Easter arts and crafts inspiration to enjoy some fun, creative time with the kiddies over the Easter holidays.

If you prefer some easier crafts that are already made and just require some decorating, the kids will enjoy these wooden DIY Easter colouring eggs that can be decorated and then displayed.

Happy creating!

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easter decor trends blog post

5 Decoration Trends for Easter 2023

Here are five Easter decor trends that will be sure to impress guests!

These locally, handmade decorations will transform every area of your home!

Finding the perfect Easter decorations for your home may be a daunting task, but you can’t go wrong with these trends. All of these trends can be done at home or bought handmade from a local small business.

Many of these have been popular Easter decor for years and aren’t going out any time soon, so they can be used year after year!

Top 5 Easter decor trends for 2023:

1. Crochet 

From throw blankets to baskets, crochet is definitely the way to go! These colourful crochet baskets are the perfect addition to any side or coffee table, they bring the perfect splash of colour to any space!

Sturdy Crochet Baskets with Wooden Base and Lid

2. Floral décor

An Easter classic, florals in every form are going to be everywhere this Easter! This customisable, reusable paper flower bouquet is beautiful and you will not only have them for Easter, but all year round!

Create Your Own Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet

3. Wreaths 

From floral to crochet, you will see Easter wreaths in every form this year! A simple, cute way to spice up your front door year after year!

Handmade Crochet Easter Wreath

4. Geometric, minimalist décor 

Minimal, modern decorations are a great go-to in any space! The simple, geometric pattern pairs well with any decor items you may already have and elevates your space.

Turquoise Egg Cup

5. Vintage China

The timeless, elegant look that vintage china adds to your kitchen will catch the eye of guests of all ages. Vintage china will never go out of style and is a popular decor statement piece any time of the year!

Vintage Bone China Mini Tea/Cake Stand

All of these Easter decor items and so many more like them can be found at the link below!

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Celebrate Galentines Day

Celebrating Galentine’s Day

What is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day is the day to celebrate friendships with the girls and takes place the day before Valentine’s Day, on the 13th February.

No matter what your relationship status – single, married or anything in between, this day is for celebrating all the women in our lives.

If your a ‘Parks and Recreation’ fan you’ll know that back in 2010, Amy Poehler, playing the character Leslie Knope, first introduced the world to Galentine’s Day stating, “It’s only the best day of the year! Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it—breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.”

And that’s exactly what it is!

How to celebrate Galentine’s Day?

Yes, it’s a great idea to celebrate with your besties, but you don’t have to go full on as Leslie Knope did, in fact, I’d probably suggest scaling it back just a bit! 

So first things first, get the 13th February penned into your diaries with a sharpie marker, then get a plan in place. The traditional way to celebrate Galentine’s Day is to organise a brunch or afternoon tea date for your girl gang. Get dressed up and go enjoy some yummy brunch food with a few proseccos or cocktails.

However, If you’re not into brunch and fancy doing something a little different, here’s some of our suggestions..

  1. A hike. Getting out in nature is great for the soul, so combine it with a  hike with all your favourite gals and you’ve got yourself a great day of soul enhancing fun. Maybe pack a few tasty snacks and picnic blanket for a pit stop!
  2. Spa day. Because we all deserve a day or pampering, why not organise this with the girls. Book into a spa for the day or make your own spa experience at home. 
  3. Girls night out or in. Nothing beats a good ol’ night out or night in with the. girls. Now that Ireland is open again, a night out could be just what the doctor ordered! Go mad, have fun! Or maybe a night in is more your thing – get a take away, get your comfies on and crack open the vino. Either way a girls night is a lovely way to catch up and have the craic.
  4. Group activity. This is a great way to bond even more and have a laugh at the same time. Go ziplining, do a cocktail making class, take a crafty lesson, organise a draw a nude class, go wine tasting, find a roller disco dome…whatever it is you’ll have fun cos you’ll be with your girls!
  5. Do something you haven’t done before. First thing that comes to mind is an ocean swim (or dunk even)! Think of something fun you can all try together and then maybe grab a bite to eat after.

Do I Need To Give Galentine’s Day Gifts?

No one expects a gift for Galentine’s Day unless maybe it’s a poem about how great a friend you are, as Leslie Knope does in Parks and Recreation!

This occasion is not as well known or celebrated as Valentine’s Day, so no one is expecting to receive anything. However, isn’t it the perfect day to maybe give something small as a gesture of your friendship, even just a card, and it would be a nice little surprise for your besties!

Some of our favourite Galentine’s Day gift ideas include..

You Are All Kinds of Lovely – Card

Besties Pebble Art Frame

You are my Favourite Bitch Embroidery

Bandia (Goddess) Essential Oil Candle

Stillgarden Boss Lady Gin Gift Box

Personalised Friends Frame

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Valentine's Day Card writing blog post

18 Valentine’s Day Card Poems

What to write in a Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine’s Day poems and words of love

If you struggle to put into words how you feel, or just don’t know what to say in your Valentine’s Day card then we have some romantic, sweet and fun ways to get your message across.

The 14th February is a day for all kinds of love, so no matter the recipient, a thoughtful little poem or message inside a special card will really show your love.

11 Roses are red poems..

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ roses are red Valentine’s Day poem eh?! They’re short and sweet (or cheeky, or naughty, or whatever you want it to be!) and perfect for writing inside your Valentine’s Day card. Here are some of our favourites..

Roses are red, violets are blue
love never crossed my mind, til i met you.

Roses are red, violets are blue
kisses and hugs, i love you.

Roses are red, violets are blue
how did i get so lucky with you.

Roses are red, violets are blue
your farts stink,  but i love you.

Roses are red, violets are blue
i really love my dogs, but you’re ok too.

Roses are red, violets are blue
all my naughty thoughts involve me and you.

Roses are red, violets are blue
forever and ever ill always love you.

Roses are red, violets are blue
i smile all day because of you.

Roses are red, violets are blue
with all my heart i am missing you.

Roses are red, violets are blue
even though you have select hearing, i still love you.

Roses are red, violets are blue
cashews are nuts and so are you.

7 Valentine’s Day card messages

If you’re not a fan of the roses are red verses then don’t worry we have some more message suggestions for your inside your card! No matter who you are celebrating love with this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered!

For the romantic..

Loved you once, love you still, always have, always will.

For your other half..

I don’t want to be your favourite or your best.
I want to be your only and forget the rest.

For your single pals..

Roses are red. Lovebirds are annoying. Where is the chocolate? Let’s start enjoying.

For parents..

This will definitely be a kids-in-bed-early kind of night.

From your pet..

Who’s a good dog mom? Who’s a good dog mom? Is it you? Yes it is! You are the best dog mom!

A little bit of humour..

All I need in this life is you and me. Oh, and WiFi. And wine. And snacks. But that’s it, I swear.

Cheeky one..

Valentine’s Day to do list: You!


So, get writing – your Valentine is worth every word!

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