Andria from Wild Watermelon

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Meet the Maker

Andria, Wild Watermelon, Co. Dublin.

Introducing Andria of Wild Watermelon, a creative business that produces greeting cards and A4 prints on high quality, recycled stock. Printed and designed in Ireland for those who care about family, friends and the planet.

How did you start out making your product?

I’ve always loved stationery, who remembers their fancy paper collection?! Over the years I’d always designed my own cards for St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas for family and friends to keep in touch.

How long have you been making your product for?

I’ve been illustrating my cards for many moons, but officially started up my business just before the pandemic.

What did you do before making your product?

I went to DIT and studied Display Design which was an amazing course that covered so many aspects of design such as illustrating, pattern making and many more practices that add to my skillset. But oddly after college, I found myself in customer service roles in a variety of industries, including Financial Reporting! For someone who was terrible at Maths, it was a good fit as I loved working with clients and colleagues to achieve the best outcome. However, the call of illustrating was always there… the rest is history!

Andria Parsons Wild Watermelon Designs
What helps you work better?

A daily walk! Clears the head and gets you focused on the day-to-day to-do list!

I’m a member of a great creative group that helps with best business practices.

Plus other card makers and designers really motivates me!

Despite being a highly competitive marketplace, everyone in the greeting card industry is supportive and encouraging – it’s so unique in that way.

What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekends?

With two little boys, we spend our time out and about which is great… especially as I don’t have to confront the house work or stand on Lego pieces!

What’s your favourite holiday to celebrate?

Being a greeting card designer, I love all holidays as there’s always a reason to send a card! But if I had to pick one, it would be Halloween… especially with the kids! Living in Ireland, it makes it an extra special time due to its heritage and connection to one of our ancient celebrations.

What is the most interesting fact about you that many people don’t know?

I love winter, I’m a winter kinda gal… not to say that I dislike summer, but much prefer wintertime. Especially those crisp, bright blue days!

Meet the Maker, Wild Watermelon
What is the weirdest fact you know?

You can only fold a standard piece of paper in half 7 times, try it, I dare ya!

What is the weirdest skill you have learnt?

Apart from making evening dinners that the kids don’t eat? I’ve learnt how to emboss paper manually… and still trying to perfect it!