5 Decoration Trends for Easter 2023

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Here are five Easter decor trends that will be sure to impress guests!

These locally, handmade decorations will transform every area of your home!

Finding the perfect Easter decorations for your home may be a daunting task, but you can’t go wrong with these trends. All of these trends can be done at home or bought handmade from a local small business.

Many of these have been popular Easter decor for years and aren’t going out any time soon, so they can be used year after year!

Top 5 Easter decor trends for 2023:

1. Crochet 

From throw blankets to baskets, crochet is definitely the way to go! These colourful crochet baskets are the perfect addition to any side or coffee table, they bring the perfect splash of colour to any space!

Sturdy Crochet Baskets with Wooden Base and Lid

2. Floral décor

An Easter classic, florals in every form are going to be everywhere this Easter! This customisable, reusable paper flower bouquet is beautiful and you will not only have them for Easter, but all year round!

Create Your Own Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet

3. Wreaths 

From floral to crochet, you will see Easter wreaths in every form this year! A simple, cute way to spice up your front door year after year!

Handmade Crochet Easter Wreath

4. Geometric, minimalist décor 

Minimal, modern decorations are a great go-to in any space! The simple, geometric pattern pairs well with any decor items you may already have and elevates your space.

Turquoise Egg Cup

5. Vintage China

The timeless, elegant look that vintage china adds to your kitchen will catch the eye of guests of all ages. Vintage china will never go out of style and is a popular decor statement piece any time of the year!

Vintage Bone China Mini Tea/Cake Stand

All of these Easter decor items and so many more like them can be found at the link below!

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