12 Fun Halloween Party Games For Kids

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12 Fun Halloween Party Games For Kids

Spooky season fun for all the family!

Halloween is all about celebrating the spooky season and having fun with friends and family. Apart from all the usual Halloween festivities of dressing up, watching scary movies and pumpkin carving, you may want to host a little Halloween get together for the kids (or the adults!) this year.

No party is complete without some party games, so we’ve put together a list of 12 Halloween party games that the kids will enjoy. You may not want to play all of them so pick and choose depending on what age the kids are or what DIY materials you have.

Before everyone comes over make sure your house is in Halloween mode too with some unique Halloween decor and accessories to make the place feel even more spooktastic!

To end the night after all your fun and games, you can give out some sparklers and check out any fireworks going off in the area, from your back garden or windows!

Pumpkin Drop Race

This is a version of the well known egg and spoon race.

Replace the spoon with empty toilet rolls, and the egg with a small orange balloon. Let the competitors draw their pumpkin faces on their balloon to get their competitor face on. Let the race commence. Don’t forget if they drop their pumpkin they go back to the start, and no using hands or body parts to help hold it in place while racing!

Witch Hat Ring Toss

Easy to set-up ring toss game. Have a witch hats for cones. You can make these yourself using empty cereal boxes and decorating, or pick up a few cheap hats in the shop. Make your own rings using paper plates – cute the centre out and then let the kids decorate them.

So really this doubles up as some crafty colouring fun and then a game at the end of it!

Halloween games - witch hat ring toss
Halloween games – witch hat ring toss

Mummy Sack Race

Spook up the traditional sports day sack race for this game!  All you need is some white crepe paper and you are set. Wrap up everyone’s legs with white crepe paper and the one to the finish line with no rips in the paper wins.

Spider Races

The little ones will love this nice and easy, creepy-crawly game. All you need is a few small plastic spiders and some straws. Set up a a little track for the spiders to race and let the race begin.

If you have a tray this is handy to keep the spiders contained to the race track!

Halloween Games - Spider Races
Halloween Games – Spider Races

Pin the Spider on the Web

So many variations of this game, but a nice easy and fun game to keep them entertained for few minutes. Make it yourself or pick one up in the shop, it’s easy to set up and one that won’t need explaining.

Pumpkin Patch Stomp

Stock up on some orange balloons and small sweets and treats. Before blowing up the balloons put some of the treats into each balloon. Once all blown up let the kids go wile stomping around the ‘pumpkin patch’ to burst the balloons and get their treats!

Donuts on a string

All you need is sting and some yummy Halloween themed donuts! Kids can’t use their hands and must try to take bites of their donut using only their mouth. Tie the donuts down low to make it more challenging and funny for them to reach!

Halloween Games - Donuts
Halloween Games – Donuts

Worm Dig

This is a fun one! Prepare a big bowl of cooked spaghetti, blindfold the kids and tell them they have to put their hands into the bowl of slimy worms and dig down to find the treats hidden amongst the ‘worms’.

It’s funny to see their reactions and how terrified some of them are at the thoughts of touching the ‘worms’!

Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling

A few ways to play this so choose whatever is easier for you.

Sacrifice a few toilet paper rolls to draw ghost faces on and use as your bowling pins. Get an orange as a substitute pumpkin and you have yourself a perfect game of spooky bowling.

Another way to play is use white paper cups, stack them all up in a pyramid shape and use a small mandarin as your ball. See how many you can knock down in one throw!

Halloween Games - Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling
Halloween Games – Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling

Eyeball Hunt

A bit of outdoor fun if the weather permits! Stock up on eyeball sweets or fake eyeballs and hide them all around the garden. Unleash the kids to let them find as many eyeballs as they can!

Pumpkin Carving / Decorating

We’ve got to include this as it wouldn’t be Halloween without some pumpkin carving!

Understandably this might not be easy to do with a load of littles ones asking you to do all the carving, so a nice little easy alternative is to give them all a mandarin (or two!) and some markers, and let them design their own mini pumpkin that they can take home with them.

Halloween Games - Pumpkin Carving
Halloween Games – Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Pinata

Always a crowd pleaser. If you can pick up a Halloween pinata to fill full of treats then you have the perfect game to finish off your party. Let them race for the sweets once it bursts and send them home with a bag full of sugar – their parents will be delighted!!

Happy Halloween, have a fab-BOO-lous party!